eOffice Application

eOffice is an office management software where you can easily manage your Employee, Accounts, Business Transaction, Manage product, customer, Vendor, Sales and Purchase etc. Easy to install, User friendly responsive design, Mobile compatibility.

Easily manage employee attendance, leave application, payroll, Notice. Handel Business sell and purchase, due payment, received payment, over due payment.

Manage Business Transaction Income, Expense, Bank account, A/P, A/R, create your own transaction type.

Features $69 | Purchase

Easy Inventory

Easy Inventory is an Inventory Management with POS System. You can Easily manage your product, Supplier, Sales, Customer, Purchase order, Business Campaign etc. It also calculate your business profit or loss. Easy to install, User friendly responsive design, Mobile compatibility.

In Dashboard you can see Yearly sales report with graph chart, Total revenue, cost, tax details, Latest order details, New added Product.

Add product with general, special offer, tier price rate, Manage inventory, Product Barcode generate and print, Damage product

Features $39 | Purchase

MultiStore Inventory (PRO Version)

Keep track of inventory across multiple sales channels with real-time, seamless syncing of stock. Save time with easy product updates across all stores and sales channels.

Move stock between stores or your warehouse with stock transfers, and quickly perform inventory lookups across all your sales channels.

Powerful, customizable reporting gives you a high level view of your entire business. Drill down into the nitty gritty so you know where you stand across all of your stores, all of the time.

Features $399 | Purchase

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