Powerful inventory management.

Easy Inventory system easy to set up and simple to use. You’ll want a manage your product easily keep track record purchase of your product, generate your product Bar-Code easily. Easy Inventory system with an intuitive interface to process sales quickly and keep lines moving. Training cashiers and managers should take minutes, not hours.

Ease of Use

Easy to Use

Easy Inventory should be easy to set up and simple to use

Customer Care

Customer Care

You should always receive expert care when you need it most

Future Proof


Easily Manage your product Inventory & Purchase Prodcut

Simple Pricing

Point of Sale

Intuitive interface to process sales quickly and keep lines moving.

Simple Pricing

Product Price

Manage Product Price with Special rate, offer, discount by customer, set tire price

Robust Reporting

Robust Reporting

Your POS system should generate detailed sales reports

Data Accessibility

Data Accessibility

You should be able to access your data anytime and anywhere via the cloud

Data Security

Data Security

Your POS system’s data should always be safe and secure

Our awesome product

Easy Inventory Features

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Beautiful Dashboard where your business will reflect at a glance.

  • Beautiful Dashboard
  • Beautiful Dashboard where your business will reflect at a glance. With graph chart you will find your each month purchase, revenue and profit data. you will find value of your stock, today, weekly, monthly and yearly sales data. Top 5 monthly and yearly sales prodcut report.

  • Recent Order
  • you will find top 5 recent order with confirm, pending and cancel messages.

  • Notification
  • you will get notify which products are running out of stock, pending booking notify to take action as well.

Product Management.

  • Easily manage your product
  • Categorize your products by name, type, SKU, tag, easily create and manage product inventory. Managing inventory should be straightforward and painless. Remember that some POS system that’s confusing to learn or complicated to use will decrease employee satisfaction and waste time that could be better spent elsewhere.

  • Manage your product price
  • Its very simple to manage your product price. there is couple of way you can manage your product price, general, date range festival or special offer, tire price you can set to make your POS to easily handel and pick the right product price from database.

  • Bar-Code Generate
  • Easy inventory will generate barcode automatic as per your product code when one you input.

  • Inventory Notification
  • you can set product insufficient notification when product stock will go bellow notify stock. it will alert your product is going to out of stock.

Point of Sales (POS)

  • Sales Product
  • It's easy to select single or multiple product for sales, you can add product by barcode scanner. any barcode device will work with Easy Inventory System. you can put manually put product price in very special case.

  • Sales discount
  • Easy to select customer an order it will calculate automatic customer discount rate. there is two type customer discount rate can add e.g. flat or percentage rate. you can put also manual discount rate for wal-in-client or register client if you wish.

  • Customer shipment handling
  • when you will place your order you can put billing, shipping address, any special note for this order.

  • Three types of payment method
  • Cash, checque, card payment

  • You can make order pending with late payment
  • Order and invoice number generate
  • PDF, print and email invoice facility

Purchase & Customer Manager

  • Add new supplier
  • Add new supplier, place purchase order to supplier. keep record all of your purchase order, generate invoice.

  • Manage all supplier
  • Manage supplier and see the record of supplier from which supplier how many purchase order you place, and see the purchase order history by suuplier

  • Add new customer
  • Add new customer, set customer discount by two category, flat and percentage discount rate. add customer address.

  • Manage your all customer
  • Customer discount setup
  • Email campaign for customer
  • Send invoice to customer by email

Powerful report generate to pull your business scenario.

  • Sales report generate
  • Overview of your sales report
  • It will show eg: Revenue, Cost, Tax
  • Purchase report generate
  • It will show your purchase history with supplier
  • Email campaign for your store
  • Crate email template
  • Manage email campaign template
  • Send email to all your customer
  • Email campaign report
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