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Installation Process

Database Settings

Create Login

Under the settings, You Can add your business profile, Like Business name, store address, contact details, company logo.

You can set whether each rate is to be calculated in percentage or fixed value.
eg: General Tax - 15%.

Add Supplier as per your Business Desire.

You can order your product for purchase against supplier, or you can create new purchase order for new product

Add new product Category. eg: Electronics

Add new product Sub Category. eg: Mobile

Add New product into your Store

You can search product according to your product name, barcode, sub category or active / inactive status. you can update every information
or take different action against any product.

You can print prduct barcoder from here

You can Add damage product, (if you select decrese from stock) it will automatically deduct from stock

Here You can add your customer

Generate sale report.

Generate Purchase report.

In this tab you can add new users of your system and can allocate specific rules / permissions for each user individually.

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